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Travel Grants: Ayesha Delpish presents at the 2011 Joint Statistical Meeting

From 2009-2011 Associate Professor Ayesha Delpish served as a CATL Scholar conducting research around teaching methods for statistics. Her project titled “Towards a Community of Learners: A Case Study Approach to Statistics” focused on investigating the impact of an inquiry-based approach to teaching different statistics courses.

In particular, Professor Delpish’s project aimed to transform one of Elon’s core classes, MTH212: Statistics in Application. By using real-world case studies, she created opportunities for students to work in teams to collaboratively build statistical fluency, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Using case studies helped to address the challenges of teaching groups of students from diverse majors by encouraging students to see “real life” applications for the statistical methods they were learning.

Professor Delpish presented her initial findings of her CATL Scholar research project during the 2010 Joint Statistical Meeting. She then returned to the 2011 Joint Statistical meeting to present her final findings, addressing questions regarding the quantitative portion of her initial results. Her participation in the 2011 meeting was funded in part by a CATL Travel Grant.

CATL’s Faculty Travel Reimbursement Grant program supports faculty involvement with the scholarship of teaching and learning and connects faculty with highly innovative programs in teaching and learning. This program is intended to supplement faculty travel support from other parts of the University, making it possible for more faculty members to participate in national and international initiatives on teaching and learning. Grants are typically awarded in amounts of $1000 or less. More information can be found on the CATL website.

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