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Collaboratively define key concepts with a Moodle glossary

Words imageThe glossary module provides instructors the ability to develop shared vocabulary lists of words, field-related terms, concepts, or processes which can be enhanced with pictures, audio, video, reader comments, internal and external resources.  Students can upload files into the glossary using the attachment options and download files from peers. 

Glossaries in Moodle

This feature allows you to create a main glossary and multiple secondary glossaries. Instructors have the option to allow students to add entries to the secondary glossaries.  Entries can be anonymous or identifiable, depending on the display format selected.

Ideas for the Glossary

  • Assign individuals to research and define specific words, concepts or processes for the course using pictures and other resources
  • Assign students to create a chapter vocabulary list of difficult words, concepts or processes
  • Create a list of abbreviations for the course or field
  • Assign students articles, journals or book reviews and require multimedia to support the review
  • Create a FAQs or murkiest point glossary and have students post to it anonymously, these posts can be used to begin each lesson
  • Aggregate the most influential websites or resources and use it as a bibliography for research
  • Feature student work as a compilation of exemplary efforts
  • Produce a tip of the day glossary to help students be successful in the course
  • Develop a motivational quote glossary collected from student assignments, journals, or reading reviews which can be used to begin each lesson
  • Generate a recipe archive
  • Assign students to create a glossary entry where they define themselves using text, images and videos


Here is an example of a glossary in Moodle.

Moodle Glossary Example

(Courtesy of Moodle Exchange)


Photo by Flickr user Pierre Metivier / Creative Commons licensed BY-NC 2.0

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