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Moodle Q&A: How to collect assignments from groups

A group working together.In this Moodle Q&A post on groups, faculty ask how to collect particular assignments from different groups.

Collecting assignments from groups is advantageous because it allows you to view submitted assignments from specific groups rather than from the class as a whole. For example, imagine you have assigned a group project in your class and want one team leader from each group to submit his or her group’s work. By using group assignments, you can quickly view the submitted assignments and the members of the group. This is what you would see:

group assignment

In a previous post, we discussed the basics of Moodle groups by defining what groups are, why we should use them and how to create them.

Q: How do I collect assignments from groups?

A: It’s easy. There are basically two steps: Create groups then create the assignment. Learn how to create groups.

Review the step-by-step instructions on our Technology wiki.

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Image by Flickr user Jörg WeingrillCreative Commons licensed BY-CC 2.0

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