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Biology Cabinet video resources support engaged learning

“Laboratory classes are and have always been the primary experiences associated with engaged learning in the sciences. These “Biology Cabinet” video resources that we’ve created enable our students to prepare for such experiences by reviewing relevant concepts and by seeing demonstrations of precisely the equipment, procedures and techniques they’ll be using in their lab work here at Elon.”  — Dr. Antonio Izzo

In support of the emphasis on “engaged learning” in Elon’s undergraduate curriculum, and particularly in the Biology Department, Dr. Antonio Izzo, Dr. Yuko Miyamoto, Dr. Herb House, and Dr. Robert Vick have created, and are continuing work on, video demonstration resources for a “Biology Lab Cabinet” website. The resources being developed are focused on 2 phenomena: 1) the laboratory experiments associated with specific courses, and 2) techniques and instruments that are common to a number of experiments across courses. The resources support student preparation for lab activities, participation in lab activities, and review of lab activities in these courses prior to exams and tests. Video clips demonstrate lab activities and procedures in precisely the way students will be expected to conduct them, in the precise environment where they will be conducting them, with the precise equipment and supplies which they will employ to conduct them. Future plans call for the design and production of the Biology Lab Cabinet website, additional video demonstrations, and the inclusion of print and photographic resources that support student learning.

The “Biology Lab Cabinet” is being developed to reduce student anxiety in the lab environment, to provide complementary and supplementary content support for lab classes, and to help reduce the errors that students commonly make while conducting experiments and using lab equipment. Research and data collection regarding resource effectiveness are on-going.

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Elon’s outstanding classroom technology featured in EdTech magazine

EdTech, a magazine focused on technology applications in education, features Elon University in its September/October edition. The article, titled “Building the Smarter Classroom,” says that Elon is “taking instructional technology to the next level,” with “pioneering collaborative classrooms and teaching students real-world skills.”

EdTech notes that about 200 of Elon’s classrooms are equipped with technology beyond wired and wireless network access.

Joe Davis, Elon’s assistant director of campus technology support for classrooms, told the magazine that, “over the past decade, we’ve systematically added technology in traditional classrooms until it’s become ubiquitous and standardized.”

Also quoted in the article are Christopher Waters, assistant CIO and director of teaching and learning technologies; Peter Felten, assistant provost and director of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning; and Rebecca Pope-Ruark, assistant professor of English. In a sidebar story, senior Nick Friederich discussed an advanced document camera that was used to present an Android application he was creating as part of a computer science class.

Click here to read the full story on the EdTech website.

by Dan Anderson, Staff

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