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Book Briefs: Moodle Teaching Techniques

Cover image for Moodle 1.9 Teaching TechniquesMoodle 1.9 Teaching Techniques, by William H Rice, was the inspiration behind the previous blog posts about wikis (here and here).

This conveniently organized and illustrated book focuses on techniques for creating effective and engaging learning environments in Moodle  using standard features built into the course homepage, or by adding  a feature through the resource, activity or block drop-down menus. Rice explains how you can create engaging learning environments in Moodle by incorporating features in your course such as:

  • Labels – emphasize titles, headlines, topic sections or important deadlines
  • Guided notes – encourage student participation; an effective   tool for retention because they engage the student
  • Forums – share  new knowledge and assess  prior knowledge
  • Chat – reduce isolation, build community, review, content, and synchronous discussions.
  • Quizzes – use for drill and practice to help maintain motivation and provide time for retention and processing.
  • Wikis – for reflection, content, or other information to be shared with entire class.
  • Journal – for private reflection and feedback

This book is particularly good at explaining why you would use one block over another.  For example, Rice explains his selection of a forum over a wiki for one activity; and why he would use a wiki instead of an assignment, blog, forum, or journal for another activity.  His explanations provide the reader insight to guide them through the decision-making process while constructing a course in Moodle.

If you’re interested in reading a portion of the book online, Chapter 4 discusses Quiz Solutions and can be read here (PDF).

About the author

Cheri Crabb, PhD, Academic Technology Consultant with TLT, has a career in academia focused on instructional design and development using integrated electronic media systems for blended learning.

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