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Countdown: Campus Technologies’ most popular blog posts: #10

Number 10

With 104 total pageviews, “Moodle Q&A: Forum emails, resubmit assignments, remove from gradebook” by Dan Reis secured number 10 on our list. The blog post highlights how faculty can send emails via forums, resubmit assignment files and remove themselves from Moodle’s gradebook. Read the post.

The Countdown

As the semester comes to a close, Campus Technologies took a look at its Top 12 most popular blog posts of the semester. This fall, on the Technology blog, we published 53 posts, and those posts had 9,021 total pageviews. Among our most popular posts, Moodle and mobile device technology were the most prominent themes.

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Moodle Q&A: Make grades and feedback visible to students

Grades and FeedbackIn this Moodle Q&A post, Elon faculty ask how to make grades and comments in their gradebooks visible to students.  In older posts, we discussed how to import grades from Excel into Moodle. Now, we’ll cover how to ensure students can see the feedback you are providing on those assignments.

Q: How can I make sure the grades and comments I’m posting in Moodle’s gradebook are visible to my students?

A: Making grades and comments visible to students is simple, just set up appropriate time stamps and enable visibility access. You can choose to display feedback for a limited amount of time or for the entire semester. Review the step-by-step instructions in our Technology wiki.

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