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Diversity Infusion Project: The Art and Science of Helping

helping handsThree Human Service Studies professors are collaborating to infuse The Art and Science of Helping (HSS111) curriculum with a concentration on the importance and implications of human difference. Students now will complete the course with both deeper self-awareness of their own perspectives and significant practice understanding and adopting the perspectives of others.

Professors Pam Kiser, Philip Miller, and Sandra Reid spent the Fall 2011 semester developing materials, lesson plans, and additional classroom activities that hone in on human difference. When their courses met in the Spring 2012 semester, they experimented in several ways, including bringing students from multiple sections together three times to participate in activities related to experiencing difference. In the future, the Advanced Theory and Practice (HSS412) course also will be revised to build off the material on human difference now being integrated systematically in lower-level courses. More details about the goals, implementation, and assessment of this project are available online.

The Diversity Infusion Project began in 2011 to support the development and implementation of strategies to infuse Elon’s curriculum with the best practices related to diversity, broadly defined. The Multicultural Center and the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning co-sponsor the Diversity Infusion Project.  More information regarding the Diversity Infusion Project, current and past projects, and application information are available on the Teaching and Learning website.


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