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Web Conferencing Software: Adobe Connect

Webcam and LaptopAdobe Connect is a teaching tool which can be used to enhance collaborative learning. It enables real-time interactive experiences, fostering a shared environment for students and faculty to view presentations, listen to lectures, collaborate on research, and discuss topics of interest.


Randy Piland, Lecturer in Communications and the Faculty Fellow for Technology, used this tool to bring experts from around the world into class. Students engage with professionals in the field, ask questions, and view examples of authentic work. Used in this manner it saves the university time and travel expenses while allowing students the opportunity to interact and learn from guest speakers.

Several faculty incorporated it into their online courses to engage students in content.  Michelle Trim, Department of English, Aaron Peeks, Department of Sociology, and Harlen Makemson, School of Communications, integrated Adobe Connect into their online courses and held both synchronous and asynchronous sessions with students.

Administration has used it to stream presentations to other campuses, particularly the Law School in Greensboro, NC. North Carolina Campus Compact (NCCC) has used it for webinars and professional development. This technology has assisted them in their mission of supporting and promoting the integration of civic engagement into campus culture. Jonathan Romm, program coordinator for NCCC, stated that this tool has, “opened a lot of opportunities to present materials” and has brought in nationally recognized experts to present, train, and convene meetings without travel time or expense.


The benefits of using web conferencing software are widespread, from bringing experts into class to providing professional development opportunities remotely. Sessions can be archived and retrieved for later review enhancing learning by allowing participants to be in-the-moment during the session, and then later reviewing material and taking notes.

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For more information, visit the Technology wiki or contact Teaching and Learning Technologies at x5006.

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