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Meet Michael Vaughn

As technology continues to change and be utilized on our campus, we need staff members who are knowledgeable to assist faculty, staff, and students. Teaching and Learning Technologies’ newest staff member, Michael Vaughn, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him.

Michael Vaughn came to Elon University from Kent State University in Ohio, where he was an Educational Technology Designer, working with the university faculty to develop online courses that met clearly defined standards for learning. He also worked with the University Library and Faculty Professional Development Center to help faculty use technology in the classroom to enhance the learning experience for their students.

On the side, he also gave presentations on social media for high school and college students to inform them of what they should or shouldn’t be posting on Facebook and other media sites, all with a “comedic slant.”

His areas of expertise are online accessibility, online course design, presenting and training, and collaborating with campus partners, all of which he uses in his new position as an Instructional Technologist in Teaching and Learning Technologies.

“It’s a catch-all position,” Vaughn said. “Faculty and staff on campus can come here for any technology need and we try to come up with a solution that works.”

Vaughn likes his new position at Elon, because it gives him a chance to work with faculty and staff, and he gets to work on a variety of different projects.

“I really like working directly with faculty, and I like being able to change gears quite a bit,” Vaughn said. “You get the chance to work on several different projects at once.”

From working with iPads in the classroom to helping professors set up Moodle sites, Vaughn is ready to juggle it all in his new position. And he says he’s most excited to communicate with faculty and staff on what they would like to get out of technology.

“If they have any idea[s] about what they want to talk about with technology, I’m all ears,” Vaughn said. “I will talk to them about how they can use it to make their lives just a little bit better.”

Michael Vaughn is qualified and enthusiastic to assist you with your technology needs. Stop by our office and see for yourself.

If you want some assistance from Michael Vaughn or anyone on our staff, contact Teaching and Learning Technologies at 336.278.5006 or tlt@elon.edu.

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