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Post-its on a wallA wiki is a collection of collaboratively authored web documents. Wikis were named from the Hawaiian term “wiki wiki” which means “very fast.”   Indeed wikis are a quick method for creating content as a class, group or individual.  Wikis don’t have a center of control but rather the community edits and develops content directly in a browser, without any knowledge of HTML.   A wiki is created with a front page and authors add subsequent pages by creating links.


Wikipedia is an example of the world’s largest wiki. A class can use wikis to build a subject based resource that can be continuously updated.

General Wiki Ideas

  • Group project space for students to brainstorm, record research, store images, videos, files and create outlines for projects, research papers or presentations.
  • Study guides made by students/groups on lecture notes or units of study.
  • Vocabulary lists and examples of the words in use, contributed by students.
  • Epicenter of the class displaying all assignments, research papers, presentations, projects, rubrics, etc.
  • An annotated collection of examples and illustrations showing real-life connections to materials read and discussed in class; a virtual library of resources, or a collection of book or journal article reviews.
  • Travelogue from a study abroad or service trip.

Next week Moodle Musings will have specific ideas about using a wiki in History, Literature, Math and Science.

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About the author

Cheri Crabb, PhD, Academic Technology Consultant with TLT, has a career in academia focused on instructional design and development using integrated electronic media systems for blended learning.

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