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Blackboard Learn Upgrade: The Grade Center

The Blackboard Learn Grade Center is more than just a way to record students’ grades; it is a dynamic and interactive tool. The Grade Center can record data, monitor student progress and communicate information to students. Use this valuable tool to help understand student progress and make informed decisions on how to improve educational performance.

Grade Center Enhancements

  • Creating and taking Tests have several enhancements to reduce errors and increase efficiency.
    • Test-takers are reminded to submit answers before they are allowed to leave a test.
    • Random Blocks and Question Sets are both available for instructors to add groups of questions to tests. Random Blocks pull questions into a test from a pool based on certain criteria. They are dynamic and reflect changes to the question pool. Question Sets are static and are made up of specific questions selected to be in the Question Set used in the Test.
    • Question and response statistics are displayed for each question on the Assessments Attempts page.
  • The Grade Center has been enhanced to improve grading efficiencies and reduce errors.
    • Instructors are prompted to save or delete specific Grade Center columns when deleting a Group with gradable Blogs, Journals, Wikis, or Discussion Forums or Threads.
    • Instructors navigating away and then back to the Grade Center in one login session are returned to the last scroll point they   viewed or graded in the grid.www.blackboard.com
    • Instructors can color code Grade Center cells that meet certain criteria such as grade threshold, exempted grade and so on. This new feature helps instructors spot trends and action areas in large Grade Centers.

Additional Grade Center Resources

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