Anti-Diet Elon: A Digital Eating Disorder Recovery

Abigail R Fuller (Mentor: Dr. Jessie L Moore)

This research centers around the question of what triggers female college students who currently have or are in recovery from an eating disorder. Eating disorders are extremely prevalent on college campuses and through the research, I was able to better understand what is triggering disordered eating and potential relapses and how to effectively communicate educational information to the Elon University student body, specifically female students. This research is important because lots of college students experience disordered eating and everyone lives in a culture that promotes extreme dieting and negative language surrounding the body. My deliverable is an Instagram account that connects the digital eating disorder community to Elon students by promoting positive accounts and creating my own content. The goal of the graphics was to destigmatize eating disorders and create a more positive, educational conversation through the platform of Instagram. I conducted market research about my target audience, studied eating disorders in college students and their triggers, and followed branding plans. I also worked with peers to conduct usability tests in order to create an Instagram account that delivers on the intended goals. Additionally, I worked with community partners that helped to promote the account and partnered with them on their specific needs as well as identified engaged users. I was able to participate in the conversation about the human body on Elon’s campus and spread helpful information to people who need it. I hope through this work I helped make Elon a safer community with room for real discussion on eating disorders.

Download Poster (PDF) | View Handout (PDF)

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