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Mary Kate Hinshaw, Senior PWR Major

Blog post by Michael McFarland (senior PWR major) Mary Kate Hinshaw recently did a research project on how people use rhetoric in their phone text messages. Research participants filled out a “Pre-Study Survey” and then started sending Mary Kate their text messages. The volunteers also kept a “Text Message Diary,” which included data such as who received the text, the … Continue Reading

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Observation as a Research Method

Blog post by Kristin Pinder (senior PWR major) This semester, my ENG 397: SL Writing as Inquiry class partnered with the Conservators’ Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving threatened species. The Conservators’ Center wanted our class to analyze their current tour program and provide them with tour feedback mechanisms. The project facilitated my thinking about observation as a research … Continue Reading

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Tony Hoagland’s Paradox

Blog post by Victoria Doose (CUPID Associate and senior PWR major) Elon has a whole English concentration about how rhetoric connects to professional writing—but what about the other English concentrations? Does rhetoric have anything to do with, say, creative writing? According to award-winning poet Tony Hoagland, it absolutely does. In Real Sofistikashun: Essays on Poetry and Craft, the opening essay … Continue Reading

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