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What I Learned from Updating the Student Projects Page

One of my major projects this semester as a CUPID Associate was updating the Student Projects page on the CUPID website. I know that I have been apart of interesting projects and my fellow classmates have completed impressive projects, and I think that its important to showcase this work on the website. I started by emailing the PWR professors, asking … Continue Reading

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Running Headlong into the World of PWR

Guest Blogger Maggie Miller ’16 I’ve recently been introduced to the world of Professional Writing and Rhetoric through the CUPID course. Because of my intent until last semester to concentrate in Creative Writing and Literature rather than Creative Writing and PWR, I had not yet taken the introductory class, and the subject was a bit new to me. However, the … Continue Reading

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How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Writer’s block happens to the best of us. One minute, it feels as if your hands are typing on their own accord, ideas flowing freely and with purpose. Then all of a sudden it’s as if you’ve hit a brick wall, and you’re amazed at your lack of creativity and your inability to organize words  in even the simplest fashion. … Continue Reading

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PWR Networking

Guest Blogger Kelsey O’Connell ’14 My name is Kelsey O’Connell, and I am a senior Professional Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) concentration major, Multimedia Authoring and Creative Writing minor. I’m taking CUPID Studio in the fall of my senior year to prepare for my PWR Senior Sem. My class has engaged in several projects so far this year. First, we worked … Continue Reading

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Critical Thinkers Wanted? Sounds Like a Job for English Majors to Me…

Yesterday I ran across an article entitled Wanted: More U.S. College Grads With Critical Thinking Skills. In it, Professor Emeritus at Saunders of College of Business at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Eugene Fram discusses how the skill of critical thinking seem to be in low supply but in high demand from colleges & universities, employers, and the democracy of the American … Continue Reading

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Your Audience Is Your Friend

A conversation in one of my classes brought my attention to the impact of audience and the significance that writing to a particular group of people has on your work. It drew me to the Highway 64 project that I am currently working on and the pieces that I must write that highlight my travels and my thoughts regarding them. … Continue Reading

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Webinar: “Succeed Like an Executive: Insights from an IBM Research Study”

On Wednesday, November 13th at 7pm, the MAPC program will host a webinar presented by alumna Kim Stephens. This is their fourth webinar as part of the Alumni Webinar Speaker Series. The webinar is available to anyone who is interested, and it will “detail Kim’s research of over 630 women executives from IBM from a recent executive study on how … Continue Reading

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LinkedIn Workshop Thursday

Have you ever wondered how to effectively present yourself on LinkedIn? CUPID Associates will be presenting a LinkedIn Workshop on Thursday, November 7th. The workshop will be held in Alamance 318 from 6:00-7:00 pm. At this workshop, you will learn how to create a professional and effective LinkedIn profile, connect your coursework with your profile, develop your professional summary statement, … Continue Reading

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Working in a Foreign Country

Working for a large company can be a daunting experience, but imagine if you were an employee for that same company, but in a foreign country, where you know no one, language barriers are common and finding your way around proves to be a daily challenge. A former student of Clemson University, Katie Benjamin, who works for Sandvik, a Swedish … Continue Reading

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Know Your Audience – Learn to Write for More than Your Professor

Guest Blogger Katie Stewart ’16 Hi, my name is Katie Stewart, and I am a sophomore concentrating in Professional Writing and Rhetoric in the English major. I am currently taking CUPID Studio, and I am working with two other students to write and publish the Fall 2013 edition of the department newsletter, The Back Cover. We were given an InDesign … Continue Reading

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