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How To Market Yourself: Resumes

Guest Blogger Rebecca Porter ’16 As previously discussed in the last CUPID blog post (link here) how you market yourself is important, especially when trying to tap into the professional world. Yet, there is more than one way to do this. After surveying PWR alumni, I have described the top answers I’ve received: well-written resumes, and portfolios such as personal … Continue Reading

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The PWR Internship: How Rhetorical Strategy Enriched my Experience

Guest Blogger Jordan Stanley ’17 A hallmark of the college experience is hunting down and securing the perfect internship. Well, maybe perfect isn’t the best word, but hopefully one that either informs the direction of your professional development or enriches a particular skill set. The value of an internship extends far beyond getting a test run at your dream job. … Continue Reading

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An Intro to PWR Student Explores SURF

Guest Blogger Meara Waxman ’19 Color scheme, organization of text, and images: all of these aspects are important to consider when creating a rhetorically effective poster and presentation. As I milled around the different posters lining the Great Hall and Elon’s SURF Day (Student Undergraduate Research Forum), I started to notice that the most complicated posters did not always turn … Continue Reading

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How To Market Yourself: Alumni Perspective

Guest Blogger Rebecca Porter ’16 (Written May 2016) It’s almost one month until graduation. One month. But who’s counting, right? Well, if you’re a senior you might be, or you might be swimming in cover letters, resumes, and prepping other materials to send out to future employers. But what does life look like after graduation? How do you market yourself … Continue Reading

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