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Ragu and You

For over 35 years, Ragu has made pasta sauce for the everyday spaghetti eater. It is considered to be one of the most well-known names in the industry. Recently I came across an ad for the sauce, which left me feeling a little ambivalent towards the brand. Ragu’s most recent slogan is “a long day of childhood calls for America’s … Continue Reading

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Rhetorical Decisions: Fonts

How important are fonts? When deciding on document design, the visual rhetoric is just as important and the language or word choice.  Fonts can convey a tone and a specific feeling.  When an audience interacts with the material, the visual needs to correlate with the literal meaning. With that being said, have you ever considered what goes on in designing … Continue Reading

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NASA and PWR Part II

          To give you a concrete example, I wrote a blog on behalf of the NASA Administrator (the head of NASA) on the 50th Anniversary of the John Kennedy “Moon Speech” at Rice University. This is an important anniversary for NASA and my piece was going to be published on both the website, and also the … Continue Reading

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NASA and PWR Part I

Guest blogger Thomas Duncan recounts his internship with NASA! I worked as an intern in the Office of Communications at the NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. in the summer and early fall of 2012. The Office of Communications has two departments: Public Outreach and News/Multimedia. I worked under the Division Director for News/Multimedia. To begin, my PWR education proved integral … Continue Reading

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Skills (Otherwise Known as How to Save the World)

Guest Blogger Rachel Lewis ’15 In any given week, I am stricken multiple times by the desire to save the world. For a moment I let this inspiration take over and consider dropping out of school and running off to a foreign country… and that is where the plan ends. Not only is the idea of saving the world arrogant … Continue Reading

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CUPID Studio: Publishing Sociology

Guest Blogger Dustin Swope, ’15 My work in ENG 282 CUPID Studio will provide me with my strongest practical education experience for the professional world to date. I have encountered countless assignments throughout my academic career that invited me to imagine myself in various professional contexts; in CUPID Studio, I have the opportunity to work with a real client on … Continue Reading

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Visual Rhetoric in Election 2012

As a culture we are constantly bombarded with images that represent brands, ideologies, political affiliations, etc.  It is, therefore, overwhelmingly obvious that connections to visual rhetoric dominate our image-laden world.  And as the word ‘rhetoric’ seems to be (unfortunately and wrongly) synonymous with politics these days, it only seems appropriate to take a peek at the visual rhetorics of The … Continue Reading

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Second Language Writing & PWR

Guest Blogger Professor Jessie Moore Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at the 11th Symposium on Second Language Writing at Purdue University (my graduate school alma mater!) in West Lafayette, Indiana. So why is a PWR faculty member attending a second language writing conference? Second language writing was one of my earliest research areas, and … Continue Reading

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Are You Following?

Did you know that you can follow PWR on both Facebook and Twitter? This is a great semester to check us out on these social media sites because students from ENG 215 Introduction to Professional Writing and Rhetoric and in ENG 217 Writing Technologies are posting up a storm. Learn about resources, internship opportunities, and student opinions. Check us out, … Continue Reading

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Monday Font Fun

For a little Monday laugh, check out Buzzfeed’s amusing take on fonts – Cats as Fonts! What’s your favorite font, and why? h/t Sheryl Davis in ENG 217 Writing Technologies

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