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Constraints in the Rhetorical Situation

At the Interdisciplinary Program Fair on March 26, faculty and students representing the various programs offered at Elon stood by to answer questions about their respective programs as students wandered around the room, looking for guidance and inspiration concerning their next academic pursuits. With the end goal of recruiting students to participate in their programs, faculty members had to employ … Continue Reading

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Cs the Undergraduate Research Zeitgeist

Undergraduate research is a hot topic in higher education today, and for very good reason. Undergraduate research helps students engage their disciplines, apply their skills, and become members of the active research community. While UR is nothing new in the natural sciences and is gaining growing traction in the social sciences, it’s much trickier in the humanities. Which is why … Continue Reading

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The Ethics of Medical Writing

Many people have an expertise or an interest. Some are natural writers, while others might be innate scientists. So is it reasonable for society to expect scientific professionals to be expert writers as well? Some, including myself, would argue that this is certainly not reasonable. I must honestly say that as an English major I know very little about science … Continue Reading

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ENG 311SL: Publishing: Family Abuse Services of Alamance County Newsletter

In the Fall 2011 ENG 311SL Publishing course led by Dr. Pope-Ruark, a group of six students worked on a newsletter for Family Abuse Services of Alamance County (FAS), as well as a template and production guide for the next two issues. Emily Bishop, Maggie Achey, Kevin Thompson, Victoria Doose, Liz Purvis, and Brittany Wheatley had been given a previous … Continue Reading

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