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A Semester in Review: Emily

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to be a CUPID Associate this past semester. This role has given me so much in such a short time. I was able to develop my skills as a writer, professional, and rhetorician, and I now feel like I will be comfortable moving into a professional atmosphere. I think this experience … Continue Reading

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Wrapping it Up: A reflection on my growth through CUPID

As the semester comes to a close, I am grateful that I have the opportunity to reflect on the experiences I’ve had with CUPID.   In previous semesters, I dedicated my time to organizations and roles that did not further my professional development.  I was not connected to the work I was doing and almost let possible prospects at advancing my … Continue Reading

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A Look Back on the Semester: Maggie

Being a CUPID Associate this semester has taught me a good deal about writing for a professional audience. When people asked me to describe what I was working on I could talk about a specific project, but I had difficulty articulating the class. My go-to answer was that being an Associate is a lot like having an internship. There were … Continue Reading

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CUPID Studio: A Time to Focus on Senior Portfolios

Guest Blogger Mia Brady ’13 I first took CUPID Studio during the spring semester of my sophomore year, and I knew, without question, that it was a course I would be enrolling in for the second time come senior year. While CUPID Studio is a two-credit course, students have the opportunity to take it twice to count for a four-credit … Continue Reading

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Check out this video featuring the CUPID Lab! As a CUPID Associate, I worked on a video spotlighting Alamance 318. I used the program Avid Media Composer to put together clips featuring the sights and sounds of the lab. Check it out! Special thanks to Associate Emily Bishop for appearing in the video.

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Study Time!

Worried about exams already? No fear, I have some quick tips that will help you study more efficiently and effectively! 1. Study in chunks — No one is going to memorize 20 pages of notes in one sitting, so take breaks, go on a walk, get up and do a jive, or just talk to a study buddy. And in … Continue Reading

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