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Paint-Covered Fingers

Something to ponder… Why is it that when someone tells you that there are billions of stars in the universe, you automatically believe them. But if they tell you there’s wet paint somewhere you have to touch it? Words have intense power. The meaning behind them allows for extensive analysis. If we wanted to, we could probably choose to debate … Continue Reading

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Congratulations to Dr. Moore!

We wanted to take time to congratulate one of our very own, Dr. Moore, for being on the executive board for the Conference on College Composition and Communication and the tremendous amount of work she put into the Conference! The CCCC “supports and promotes the teaching and study of college composition and communication by 1) sponsoring meetings and publishing scholarly … Continue Reading

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Senior Portfolio Links

As the five PWR seniors finish developing their portfolios in their last semester at Elon, we wanted to applaud their hard work and effort throughout their four years. We tend to talk about the versatility of the skills developed through studying professional writing and rhetoric and the future plans of these five seniors definitely highlight how flexible and adaptable the … Continue Reading

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What Do Faculty Do at Conferences?

Ever wonder what happens when faculty members leave for a conference? Where do they go? What do they do? Conferences are professional meetings of faculty with specific interests. Most academic conference include keynote addresses from leaders in the field, numerous presentations by attendees about research and pedagogical subjects, opportunities to meet with publishers and check out the latest texts in … Continue Reading

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Creating a Purposeful Portfolio

My name is Hannah Knoblauch. I am currently a third year Strategic Communications student at Elon with a minor in Professional Writing Studies (PWS). My career goal is to go into marketing or public relations (PR) for a company.  To show that I have what it takes to have a successful career in either of these fields, I have come … Continue Reading

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Resumes: Building Your Golden Ticket to Success

Guest Blogger: Liza MacIntosh ’13 Writing your first resume can be a daunting task. As a freshman in college writing, I remember staring at a less-than-full page of activities wondering if my professor would notice the 14-point font size and awkward spacing that I hoped would increase the length. Yet, after four years at Elon, filling a single page with … Continue Reading

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Alumni News: Rebecca Dotson and Kerr Health

Rebecca Dotson ’10 was on campus last Thursday to speak with students about her marketing profession and how her PWR experience helped her transition into the workforce. While at Elon, she took Publishing and worked closely with Kerr Health with their marketing and communications department. It was from this service learning class that she was able to get a job with … Continue Reading

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The Human Element: A Changing World of Advertising

As a society, we have raised the bar on effective techniques of persuasion. In a recent Harvard Business Review article written by Jeffrey Rayport, the human experience is highlighted as a prime new medium for advertising. No longer does advertising solely entice somebody to buy the product for its perceived purpose; instead, it leads consumers to be active participants in … Continue Reading

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