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Tech Tip: Setting Up a Digication Portfolio

Jessie L. Moore, Associate Professor of Professional Writing & Rhetoric, co-coordinates the PWR Concentration and has facilitated the external review of PWR seniors’ portfolios since 2006.

One of the challenges professional writers face is conveying their expertise to potential employers. Final products showcase some of professional writers’ capabilities, but they typically do not capture the process strategies writers/rhetors used to create the final products. Just as artists often develop portfolios to demonstrate the range of their work, professional writers use portfolios to provide evidence of both 1) the range of products they can create and 2) the process strategies they have in their “rhetorical toolkits” to analyze complex rhetorical situations, develop appropriate content, conduct research, user-test drafts, deliver polished documents, and explain their rhetorical choices to clients and supervisors.

Professional Writing & Rhetoric (PWR) concentration students and Professional Writing Studies (PWS) minors are required to create portfolios to showcase their internship writing, and PWR students also develop a comprehensive senior portfolio that is assessed by an external reviewer as a graduation requirement. Yet students also can create portfolios to use when they apply for internships and jobs, and alumni often maintain portfolios to support their promotion requests and applications for new positions.

Google Apps menuAll Elon University students have access to Digication, an e-portfolio platform that you can use to showcase your writing process strategies and your (print or digital) texts. Users also can customize Digication’s CSS to demonstrate their design strategies (see the CUPID Associates’ video series on CSS and Digication).

To access your Digication account, log into your Elon Gmail account, and expand the Google Apps menu.

You likely will need to click “More,” and in some cases, “Even More,” to locate the Digication icon. When  you open the program, the initial Digication interface will show featured e-portfolios from Elon and an option to Create a New e-Portfolio.

Digication at Elon

Click “Create A New e-Portfolio” to access the “Create An e-Portfolio” page, which gives you the opportunity to identify a title for your portfolio (which also becomes the default web address), edit the URL, choose a template, and select settings for permissions, tagging, and comments. You can edit any of these settings later, but remember that the “Permissions” setting controls who has access to your portfolio. Consider setting the permissions as “Private to me” until you are ready to share your portfolio. When you are ready to share a portfolio with an external reviewer or potential employer, change the permissions to “Public.”

Portfolio Title and URLOnce you complete your selections (all the sections are required) and click “Create New e-Portfolio,” you’ll be ready to start adding sections, pages, and modules. Remember that sections are the largest organizational structure (like a chapter in a book), pages are located within sections, and modules are the pieces on each page.





The following video provides a quick overview on adding sections, pages, and modules and reviews the other steps for setting up a new portfolio.

For additional information on using Digication, check the Elon Technology Wiki. When  you are ready to try more advanced design edits, watch the videos in CUPID’s CSS Video Series.



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LinkedIn Workshop Video

Along with a workshop covering Digication, the CUPID Associates were also responsible for facilitating a workshop on LinkedIn, providing tips for what is or isn’t effective information to include on one’s profile. I created a video going through my own LinkedIn profile, going over some things that work and don’t work. Make sure to check it out and comment with other suggestions for making profiles more effective!

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Digication Workshop Video

Over the course of the semester, fellow CUPID Associate Immanuel Bryant was responsible for brainstorming workshop ideas for us to facilitate as Associates. One of the main workshops that we decided to execute was on Digication. Immanuel, Hillary and myself felt that it was necessary for majors to understand the importance of Digication and the uses of the website for personal development and branding. One of my main roles as an Associate was to brainstorm video ideas for the blog, and we came up with the idea to make a video series on the workshops that we conducted, taking note to create a video reiterating things that we were to cover in our Digication workshop since no one showed up to participate. Even though no students attended, we felt that the content we were going to cover would have been very beneficial and should be given out in some format.

The video below is one that I created highlighting my Digication profile and elements of an e-profile that should be emphasized and implemented in order for it to be most effective. Check it out!

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CUPID Video featuring Associates!

I recently posted a summary of the video project that I am currently working on as a CUPID Associate and my stand off with video editing. I will admit, it was difficult getting acquainted with the software. I can only compare it to a relentless battle ending 0-1, with the editing software taking the win. However, I was able to reclaim my pride with a second attempt using iMovie software which allows for much more design elements and better quality videos. The video consists of myself, and fellow Associates Immanuel and Hillary discussing why we think students should stop by the CUPID lab during office hours. Enjoy!

After watching the video, do you agree with the reasons given for why people should visit the lab? What other benefits do you feel the lab provides for students?

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Check out this video featuring the CUPID Lab! As a CUPID Associate, I worked on a video spotlighting Alamance 318. I used the program Avid Media Composer to put together clips featuring the sights and sounds of the lab. Check it out!

Special thanks to Associate Emily Bishop for appearing in the video.

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