If These Books Could Talk: App Concept Based on the Understanding Young Adults Perceptions of Reading and Their Reading Habits

Myrta C. Santana Santini (Mentor: Dr. Jessie Moore)

This project is meant to create a validating and safe space in reading for individuals that have different sets of obstacles between themselves and reading, be it a language barrier, being neurodivergent, or struggling with their mental health, things that might have an effect in your reading habits or lack thereof. The purpose behind this project is based on the researcher’s personal interest in reading and how reading has influenced her life. This project set out understand why some people choose not to read, questioning if it was a matter of them simply not liking to read for fun or if they had experiences early on in their lives that influenced this decision. With the information gathered, the responses of the potential users, the researcher created a set of wire frames of what the app could look like if programmed. When reviewing the data, one of the main takeaways was how the participants’ reading habits were influenced and/or affected by events that took place during their childhood. Another prominent obstacle that was very present in the results were those related to language barriers, and the desire to read works in their original language. There is still much to be learned on this topic, as well as the app concept, leading to the question of would you use this app?

Download Poster (PDF) | View Handout (PDF)

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