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CUPID Studio: Discovering the Value of Design

Guest Blogger Rachel Fishman ’15 Through the client newsletter project I worked on this semester in CUPID, I have learned the value of visual design. Having previously had an inexplicable aversion to all things technology, particularly those types that I did not understand, I was nervous to begin a design-based project. My prior experience in document design consisted of creating … Continue Reading

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Another Semester Out the Door

Guest Blogger Kate Schefer ’15 At this point in the semester I cannot help but get panicky and emotional. I panic because all my assignments I have been putting off are finally due, and I tear up because some classes I just hate to see end. With just a few more days of class left, and less than three weeks … Continue Reading

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The Back Cover Fall 2012

The CUPID associates would like to present the Fall 2012 edition of The Back Cover.  The Back Cover is the newsletter for the Department of English at Elon University.  It is published at least twice a year and provides both English faculty and students with the departmental news. In this issue, we have features on SURE English students and projects, … Continue Reading

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CUPID Studio: Flexibility is Key

Guest Blogger Will Stiefel ’13 With every client project, there are always obstacles to overcome. Throughout my experience working with clients, both in CUPID and internships, I have learned that you can never assume work will get done exactly as planned. In PWR’s CUPID Studio class, we spend almost the entire semester working with a client in order to complete … Continue Reading

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CUPID Studio: Working with the Work of Others

Guest Blogger Immanuel Bryant ’14 It’s difficult to work with someone who is working. Whether they are working on something for themselves or for someone else seems to be irrelevant to a writer…until our work depends on them working with us. The complexity of the previous paragraph depicts the situation I have faced working with my client this semester in … Continue Reading

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Happy Thanksgiving! (Rhetoric Style)

At this time, the CUPID associates want to wish everyone a lovely Thanksgiving full of great food, family, football, and rhetoric.  Thanksgiving and rhetoric?  Yes, as proponents of collaboration, we thought we would give our readers a taste of rhetoric’s presence in Thanksgiving.  Here are some cool facts that show rhetoric’s role in one of our favorite cultural spheres-Thanksgiving! The … Continue Reading

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Internships: Turning the Bad to Good

We have all heard the internship stories- the good, the bad, the ugly.  As one of our experiential learning requirements, internships at Elon University are heavily pushed and with good reason.  Students gain real-world experience of their possible profession or interests, expand their network opportunities, and potentially gain school credit. But what happens when our internship expectations are incongruent with … Continue Reading

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CUPID Projects:Website Update

Check out the CUPID Website to find out more about research, partnerships, and projects! Featured posts include the Conservators’ Center’s collaboration with Elon students to research best tour practices, a CUPID Associate’s work with the Professional Writing Studies minor, and many more. Browse through the Associate, Partnerships, and Research tabs to find out more information!

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RPR’s Twitter Accountability Plan

You write papers for your classes all the time, but have you ever wondered how a professor writes the papers that s/he publishes in academic journals? When I was a student, I just assumed my professors were very smart and got automatically published. Not true. We go through the same types of planning, procrastinating, drafting, revising, seeking out and implementing … Continue Reading

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Keyboard Standardization

In 1870, the QWERTY keyboard was introduced as the standardization for typewriters. The inventor of this keyboard, Christopher Sholes, was challenged to create a device with “an easily understandable interface with the complicated technology of ink, type bars, levers, and springs.” The QWERTY layout “stresses the left hand, forces jumps to the top row and has very uneven finger loading.” … Continue Reading

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