Digication Workshop Video

Over the course of the semester, fellow CUPID Associate Immanuel Bryant was responsible for brainstorming workshop ideas for us to facilitate as Associates. One of the main workshops that we decided to execute was on Digication. Immanuel, Hillary and myself felt that it was necessary for majors to understand the importance of Digication and the uses of the website for personal development and branding. One of my main roles as an Associate was to brainstorm video ideas for the blog, and we came up with the idea to make a video series on the workshops that we conducted, taking note to create a video reiterating things that we were to cover in our Digication workshop since no one showed up to participate. Even though no students attended, we felt that the content we were going to cover would have been very beneficial and should be given out in some format.

The video below is one that I created highlighting my Digication profile and elements of an e-profile that should be emphasized and implemented in order for it to be most effective. Check it out!

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