PWR Courses for Fall 2015

We are less than fifty days from graduation. For some, this means going out into the world with a degree and maybe a plan. For the rest of us here at Elon, there is at least a semester’s worth of work left and that means registering for classes soon. Not sure what to take? No worries! We’ve got the run-down on the PWR courses that will be offered for the Fall semester!


ENG 215: Introduction to PWR (4 s.h.)

This course is designed to introduce students to the study and practice of professional writing from the perspective of rhetoric, one of the oldest liberal arts. Students will learn about the wide range of possibilities connected to the broad term “professional writing,” understand what assuming a rhetorical perspective on writing means, gain a broad sense of the issues, topics and practices that mark the field of professional writing and rhetoric, become part of the ongoing conversations that make up the field, understand professional writing and rhetoric as a socially situated art and practice, gain some practical, hands-on experience through a variety of professional writing projects and integrate scholastic research into reflective professional practice. Prerequisite: ENG 110.


ENG 282: Cupid Studio (4 s.h.)

Students will implement writing, publishing and multimedia projects for themselves and local clients. This workshop-style course provides intensive practice in rhetorical strategies, audience assessment, research about writing, editing, publishing, visual rhetoric and design and project management. Repeatable up to eight hours; students may count four hours toward their PWR electives. Prerequisite: ENG 110.


ENG 312: Visual Rhetorics (4 s.h.)

This course introduces students to the specialized study and practice of visual rhetoric and document design. Emphasizing the rhetorical nature of visuals and design, the course draws attention to the thinking, processes and skills that are part of design, with specific attention to the design of various documents professional writers encounter. Students will be introduced to a variety of theories and design approaches. In addition to studying this content, they will have opportunities to apply and reflect on what they have learned. Prerequisite: ENG 110.


ENG 319: Writing Center Workshop (4 s.h.)

The Writing Center Workshop enhances students’ writing ability while they learn to tutor writing. Students are required to tutor four hours each week in Elon’s Writing Center. Strong writing abilities and interpersonal skills recommended. Prerequisite: ENG 110


ENG 397: Writing As Inquiry (4 s.h.)

This course is designed to introduce students to research methods employed by practicing writers and to emphasize that writing as a rhetorical practice always involves active inquiry.  In addition to surveying writerly research methods, students will gain hands-on experience with a variety of methods.  In the context of specific assignments and projects, students will learn how to choose, sequence and adapt forms of inquiry to specific rhetorical situations, enhancing their artfulness as writers and professional rhetors.  Prerequisite: ENG 110.


ENG 313: Special Topics in PWR (Writing, Rhetoric, & Civic Action) (4 s.h.)

Writing, Rhetoric, and Civic Action examines how professional writing and rhetoric is used in everyday civic action and the social construction of policy. We’ll use Reacting to the Past pedagogy to examine the writing and rhetoric of two historic moments: the women’s suffrage movement in the 1910s and an anti-bilingual education movement in the 1990s. After we consider how everyday Americans engaged in these examples of civic action, we’ll use what we learn to explore how professional writing and rhetoric can inform civic action in contemporary local and global issues.

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    Those posters are gorgeous and beautifully designed. I’m personally taking Writing as Inquiry next semester, and it’s the last required PWR course (except for senior sem) that I need to graduate. The next Special Topics in PWR looks so interesting as well! It’s too bad I already filled the requirement because that sounds like it will be a great class. Great post!