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Infographic: Psychology of Color

Color is an important aspect of any visual design. The infographic below, entitled Psychology of Color, provides helpful information to keep in mind when choosing colors for design!  

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Refugee Rhetoric: What Are the Presidential Candidates Saying?

Ted Cruz Cruz openly advocates for screening and accepting Christian refugees, but “that Muslims fleeing the Syrian civil war should be repopulated to other Muslim countries.” In an interview with CNN, he stated, “there is no doubt we would need to vet anyone coming in, but there is no indication that we have Muslims pretending to be Christians in the coming … Continue Reading

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Five Responses to the question “What can You do with a Degree in English?”

The holidays are coming up and if you’re going home or visiting family it’s likely that you’ll be grilled about your college experience. If you’re still in the beginning of your college career, it’s likely your family or company will ask about what you want to study. If you’re in your junior or senior year, the questions are usually more … Continue Reading

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Grammar Quiz

How often do you find yourself or your fellow English majors claiming to be grammar nerds? Do you make these claims because you’re all about that grammar skill, or just because you’re all about the image associated with it? Well, it’s time to take a study break and put your grammar skills to the test with the help of Buzzfeed. … Continue Reading

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The Rise of Anti-Muslim Rhetoric in America

Anti-Muslim rhetoric and Islamophobia are more prominent in American today than ever before. We live in a society in which a turban or headscarf has justify extensive TSA searches and a Muslim teenager with a clock could be a threat. And although this alone may not come as a surprise, it is when you compare the numbers today with those gathered … Continue Reading

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How to Cover 100 Years of History in 1 Cool Infographic

Infographics aren’t easy to design, especially if you’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Here is a great example of an infographic that covers the one-hundred year history of birth control in a way that is easy on the eyes and effectively delivers information that was created by Planned Parenthood.

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The Rhetoric of Hate

Hateful language and finger pointing are not new to the English language, or any language for that matter. And yet, the rhetoric of hate, is more prominent than it has been in the past in terms of our media. The plethora of republican presidential candidates on national television are a prime example of this. It isn’t that we don’t have … Continue Reading

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Meet the Associate: Margaret Bryant

My name is Mags Bryant and I am a senior English major with a double concentration in Creative Writing and Professional Writing and Rhetoric. I spent the summer bouncing around the country and was lucky enough to spend a month in Boulder, Colorado at Naropa University’s Summer Writing Program. I had the opportunity to be a CUPID Associate last spring, … Continue Reading

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Words From The Wise: Parting Thoughts From Soon-to-be Graduates

With Commencement just a few weeks away, the Cupid Blog wanted to take a minute and talk to a few of the soon-to-be graduating seniors about what they have learned and hear any PWR words of wisdom they might have to share.                                         … Continue Reading

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On Finals: Five Things You’re Probably Realizing Your Parents and Teachers Were Right About

Mags Bryant ’16| Creative Writing & Professional Writing and Rhetoric With finals starting next week, you can practically smell the anxiety upon entering Belk. Right about now you might be realizing that your parents and teachers might have been right all along when they were telling you how to get through your final exams.   1. Finished is More Important … Continue Reading

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