PWR Senior Statements, Part 1

This week is PWR Seniors Week in CUPID Studio. Last Thursday, these seniors presented their capstone projects as a part of CELEBRATE! week. To commemorate their hard work and success in the PWR program, I’ll be sharing statements from each senior about what they are taking away from their time studying PWR.



Immanuel Bryant

PWR has served as a means of disciplining my written, verbal and nonverbal skills. By improving this skills I feel confident performing within any mental, physical or social space I am within.



Taylor Hill

Being a student of rhetoric has taught me the impact of language and how it is used to effectively express and transmit ideas through various mediums. Without rhetoric, there would be no such thing as “getting your point across.”


ellenEllen Fraser

My experience in the PWR concentration has taught me analyze a situation rhetorically by recognizing who the audience is, who I am in relationship to this audience, and how I might effectively communicate a message to it based upon context. Learning these skills has lead me to pursue a career where I can use my writing to inform, persuade, and engage others with the message of organizations about which I feel passionate.



Picture1Rachel Lewis

As a result of my time in the PWR program, I have gained both hard and soft skills. I am more comfortable with written and oral communication as a result of client projects and daily pod work, and as a result of this work I am a strong collaborator. The skills that I have gained as a PWR student have made me much more marketable and have helped me become someone who is able to benefit a group or an organization in many different ways, as I can be a writer, a speaker, an editor, or a designer.


Kelsey O’Colinkedinnnell

PWR taught me about analyzing any situation I’m confronted with. I also learned to utilize both the rhetoric of persuasion and the rhetoric of collaboration.





Christine Meyer

Professional Writing and Rhetoric has given me growth and confidence in my analyzing and writing skills. The concentration has helped me have the ability to view contexts from a rhetorical perspective while providing exposure to multiple areas of study. Thank you, PWR!




Check back Wednesday to see the statements from the remaining PWR seniors!

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