PWR Senior Statements, Part 2

To continue with PWR Seniors Week, here are statements from the remaining six PWR seniors about what they’ve gotten out of the PWR program.


46137_10151597280648508_1938473447_nMaggie Achey

I loved my time as a PWR major because it afforded me the opportunity to work with a variety of client partners within the Burlington community on hands-on deliverables. The translation of theory into practice came alive with my work with Family Abuse Services of Alamance County and Friendship Adult Day Services. I feel that I grew as a professional communicator and collaborator through writing for real audiences. 




Hillary Dooley

PWR has given me the skills and practice to be successful as I enter the workforce. I am thankful for everything I have learned and for the dedication of all my wonderful professors.




547454_10151556083707284_1412593284_nKim Lilienthal

PWR has helped me strengthen my oral and written communication skills and adapt and apply them in different situations. I’ve grown as a collaborator, a leader, and a writer and I’m confident that I can take these skills with me when I leave Elon.




Emily Bishop

Professional Writing and Rhetoric has taught me how to be adaptable. Whether it is with my writing, my communications with friends and family, or working with a group on a project, I have developed skills that allow me to be versatile in almost any situation.


Dannie CooperDSCN5272

PWR has taught me so many things, but mostly it has taught me how to be a confident writer in any situation. In my time studying rhetoric, I have had many opportunities to grow and develop my writing skills. I look forward to taking the lessons I’ve learned from rhetoric and applying them in my career and in my life!



Ransbury-cupidPaige Ransbury

The PWR program has given me many opportunities to develop my writing and editing skills, learn successful strategies for collaboration, and navigate diverse writing technologies and multimedia platforms. Most meaningfully for me, though, is how it compels me to act consciously and ethically in the world. 

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