Making Social Media Work For You

Nowadays, it is highly unlikely to encounter someone who doesn’t have a social media account. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other similar networks serve as vessels through which people connect from all over the world, sharing common interests, personal information, pictures, and anything else that can be transferred through the web. Seeing as social networks provide a foundation for all of this activity, there is no surprise that handled correctly, your accounts could help with landing that awesome internship or job you’ve been eyeing for the past couple of weeks. While looking up that job or internship, it is important to note that employers are able to gauge who the person is that’s applying for a position with their company or organization, so altering your account while in this process is vital and gets you one step closer to landing whatever you’re after.

A place to start would be to highlight all of your relevant work, internship, or volunteer experiences that you find reflect your best skills on your profile. This lets employers know which of your most valuable assets can be offered to them. It is also best to clean up your profile (delete suggestive pictures, comments, etc.) or create one strictly for professional purposes.

Avoiding any desperate language is another crucial factor, as the Forbes article ” How Social Media Can Help (Or Hurt) You In Your Job Search” outlines. Do not just blatantly ask for a position but show interests in more subtle ways such as referencing an article that surrounds your field or provide others with helpful information that is relevant to that field. This not only shows that you are interested but willing to go out of your way to help others who show just as much curiosity about your industry. “Liking” pages or references is another way to highlight your attentiveness.

By enhancing your profile so that you are presented as an interested and credible candidate, you are able to connect more efficiently. Social media is the perfect arena for networking and creating contacts with the right people which puts you in a good position on any company’s  scale. Always engage in conversation with individuals from your industry, maybe by emphasizing the newest trends in your field and bringing that up on a discussion board or tweet. There are so many different strategies to utilize to make it work in your favor.

Check out the article from Forbes to read more into the benefits of social media or watch the  YouTube video below that also talks about this topic!


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