Meet the CUPID Associates: Taylor Hill

Greetings readers! My name is Taylor Hill and I am a senior Professional Writing and Rhetoric major and Business minor.

Writing has always been something that I had enjoyed doing, however becoming an English major was not my primary course of action coming into Elon. Just as any hesitant and indecisive first-year, I unknowingly delved into a science major not quite sure as to what my passion was at the time. After perusing different fields considerably, I would go on to switch my major two more times before declaring a major in PWR at the start of my junior year. I decided to switch after learning of all of the benefits of having a degree in English and how the things that I would be learning as a student of PWR would be helpful in any path that I chose to take after graduating. It also did not hurt that writing was something that I had  a love for.

After getting my feet wet in the discipline and taking courses for PWR, I could not have been more content with my decision. These classes have not only made me into a more conscious writer but also have enhanced my  capabilities as an effective researcher and collaborator. I have worked with fellow classmates  on client based projects for LIFESPAN, the Association for Business Communication and Elon’s very own Dr. Paul Miller for the Undergraduate Research Director’s Report. I have also created visual documents that highlighted the benefits of understanding rhetoric and served to inform audiences on the importance of implementing rhetorical strategies effectively in order to produce an optimal piece of work. I am also no stranger to conducting in-depth research on various topics and composing rhetorical analyses on different processes in mine and others’ work.

I am excited to see how my background with PWR will help me in obtaining  an internship in the field next semester and job after graduation.

Remember to come and visit me in the CUPID lab. My hours are on Sunday from 6-8 pm and I will be more than happy to help anyone that stops by!!


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