Meet the CUPID Associates: Immanuel Bryant

Hi, my name is Immanuel Bryant and I’m a senior majoring in English with a concentration in Professional Writing & Rhetoric (PWR) and a minor in Leadership Studies. My major’s area of interest explores how education and information can shape a person’s past, present, and future identity.  As a CUPID Associate, I will be in the CUPID studio (located in Alamance 318) from 4:15-6:15pm on Tuesdays. During this time I am available to assist students in developing their personal brand, a portfolio of their work/skills, and improving their online presence.

I became a PWR major after visiting Dubai while studying abroad. While in Dubai my class got a city tour, during which our tour guide stated that “English is the language of business in Dubai. If you can speak and use English well, there will always be a job for you in Dubai.” At the time I wanted to work in Dubai post-graduation, so I chose the academic program that would best help me to do so. To sharpen my skills in the use of the English language I have taken several classes and had several leadership experiences that have help me practice the theories I’ve studied in my major.

This summer I worked as the Community Development and Outreach Intern for NC New Schools, an education nonprofit based out of Raleigh. During my time there I worked with the Strategic Partnerships team to conduct prospective partnership, policy, and marketing research. I also conducted a social media analysis for their organization using Google Analytics & Hootsuite to create a report on all of their online platforms. I was also responsible for $10,000 worth of Lenovo equipment during their week long annual conference.

To ask more about my internship, coursework, or leadership experiences feel free to stop by during my office hours or email me at!



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