Dr. Jessie Moore visits Cambodia on sabbatical

Professional Writing and Rhetoric Professor Dr. Jessie Moore is spending this semester on sabbatical, during which she has taken advantage of developing her research in second language writing in a great way. While on sabbatical, Dr. Moore is spending time extending research she conducted almost 10 years ago on second language writing. Returning to this research has provided Dr. Moore with the opportunity to explore the developments of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and second language writing in a new way. Dr. Moore’s intriguing study, titled “Mapping the Geographies of Second Language Writing” focuses primarily on three very significant points on second language writing- the lack of cohesion between ESL and foreign language writing, the disconnect between the R1 institutions where research on second language writers is conducted and the educational contexts where these second language writers are actually learning, as well as global developments in second language writing studies.

It was her research on global context that led Dr. Moore to Cambodia. Generally, texts on second language writers come from first world countries like the United States, Japan, Western European countries, and Australia. Dr. Moore noticed a gap around developing countries, and that many countries in Eastern Europe and parts of Asia were not getting appropriate attention. When conducting research, Dr. Moore noticed that there were publications on second language writing coming out of Cambodia, which really interested her. Dr. Moore attended the CamTESOL conference in Cambodia during her 10 day visit, a conference for professionals involved with English Language Teaching (ELT). The conference aimed to create a forum for open discussion about ELT, as well as discussion about ways to expand the network of ELT teachers in Cambodia and internationally. It is important that ELT professionals in Cambodia to have connections in other nations, and this conference helped to do so.

Along with attending the CamTESOL conference, Dr. Moore had the opportunity to visit two language schools that offered English classes. These schools were Beltei International Institute and the New York International School in Phnom Penh. When visiting these private institutions, Dr. Moore was given the opportunity to view formal presentations about the schools, as well as interact with students. She was even able to sit and have a full length discussion with Cambodian students in their intermediate level of learning English.

There is no question that the trip to Cambodia, the CAMTESOL conference, as well as the visits to schools that Dr. Moore was able to take part in during her sabbatical are wonderful examples of the ways that Professional Writing and Rhetoric can take shape in so many different forums and experiences. Please enjoy a few pictures from Dr. Moore’s visits with Beltei International Institute and New York International School.


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