Communication in Client Projects

If you are a PWR major, you either have completed client projects or you will in the coming semesters. Communication can be difficult and even frustrating when working with clients that have a lot going on. If you have a client who is slow to respond to emails or who seems to fall off the grid sometimes, consider these three tips about communicating with clients and remaining professional.

  1. Remember that, while your work is valued, your client has other people and projects to keep track of. They may take longer to respond to you, but that is most likely because they receive more emails and have several important tasks going on at once.
  2. If your client is slow to respond to emails, be patient, but don’t be afraid to send gentle reminders that you’re waiting after a few days or a week. A great piece of advice I have received is to call your client if you have already emailed two or three times without response. Even if they are not available to speak at that time, you can ask to set up a time to call again, or simply remind that you sent them something that they need to look at or respond to.
  3. Keep emails professional, concise, and on topic. Reply promptly, even if your client doesn’t. This will give your client more time to back to you, and you will appear responsible and on top of your work. For more email etiquette advice, read this article that covers everything from subject lines and professionalism to writing to people from different cultures.
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