American Airlines Twitter Rhetoric

Recently, deaf actor and model Nyle DiMarco tweeted American Airlines to say that he was unable to watch movies on his flight. He wanted to know when subtitles would be included on movies to make the airline “100% accessible for all.” American Airlines’ response was insensitive and deleted quickly after receiving backlash from DiMarco and his followers.

American Airlines Tweet

Poor customer service is revealed quickly and shared easily if companies are not careful about who they put in charge of social media, or even regular customer service, because any response can be put online for everyone to scrutinize. When people ask a company questions on social media, they expect a prompt response, which means someone needs to be able to respond quickly, coherently, and politely. Someone will immediately notice any mistake or insensitive remark, which could lead to the loss of customers and followers.

This is just one example of how social media affects customer service and satisfaction. Read this Boston Globe article for an in-depth look at how customer service is impacted by social media.


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