What’s Going On In The Writing Center! Part One

Alexa Dysch- ENG, PWR ’15

Hey everyone! As we discussed last week, now is the time to sign up for ENG 319: Writing Center Workshop! If you do well in this course, you can become a Writing Center Consultant. If not, read on to see how else you can get involved!


Considering that there is a month of classes left (I know, terrifying), it seems like the assignments keep piling up. If you haven’t already, or if you’ve gone once a week, be sure to visit the Writing Center. This semester, they’ve not only moved into their new space (still in the library), but have a number of new programs that you won’t want to miss! Here are some highlights about what the Writing Center has been up to! Check back on Wednesday, where we’ll feature some more events and upcoming news!

  • At the start of the semester, The Writing Center opened its new ‘doors’ with a fun Open House, complete with ice cream and a scavenger hunt!
  • Now, you can see a consultant on Sundays from 2-10 p.m.
  • Eager to plan out your schedule in advance? You can now make appointments online!
    • If available, you may also walk in for a consultation.
  • Need a space to practice that nerve-inducing presentation? The Writing Center has practice rooms, and their consultants would love to help out!
  • Recently, The Writing Center launched a Design-a-Meme contest to encourage writing in a humorous, condensed manner. Who doesn’t love Grumpy Cat?! Check out the submissions, and winners, on their Facebook page!

Don’t miss Wednesday’s post, which will detail why you should go to The Writing Center, and what’s coming next!

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