Meet the CUPID Associates: Rachel C. Lewis

Hello everyone!

My name is Rachel C. Lewis and I am a first-semester senior majoring in English with concentrations in Professional Writing and Rhetoric as well as Creative Writing with a minor in Women’s/Gender Studies. I am looking forward to ending my final semester of studying PWR as an undergrad on a high note, and being a CUPID Associate this semester is a huge part of that. I will be working in the CUPID studio on Sunday nights from 8-10pm, so feel free to stop by!

Rachel Lewis imageI became a PWR major as a result of taking the Writing Center Workshop course. I loved the focus on learning theory and then applying that theory in ways that help other people. In the Writing Center, this meant making clients into better writers, but in other PWR contexts, such as my Grant Writing course and my Writing As Inquiry course, this meant working with community partners such as Family Abuse Services and The Conservators’ Center.

At the heart of my understanding of Professional Writing and Rhetoric is ethics, and I have loved working with clients to better the community and thus impact society. As a CUPID Associate, I hope to help you become stronger in your own works, whether they be multimedia projects or collaborative efforts.

Also as a PWR student I have worked and continue to work to build an understanding of design, branding, and online identity. As a result of my Writing Technologies course, I have a much better understanding of each of these, and I hope to assist you with everything from redesigning your resume to making digital projects more visually appealing.

I have had one internship so far and am in the midst of a second. Over the summer of 2013, I worked with Women Writers, Women Books, an online magazine for published and unpublished women writers. As an intern, I edited and solicited guest posts. I also assisted with the creation of a literary journal component by running the WordPress site. My current internship is as a grant writer for Uwharrie Charter School. My goal as a PWR major has been to be able to write thoughtfully and ethically for any audience, and I hope to find a job as a grant writer, editor, or literary agent after my graduation this winter.

Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to working with you!

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