Rhetorical Decisions: Fonts

How important are fonts? When deciding on document design, the visual rhetoric is just as important and the language or word choice.  Fonts can convey a tone and a specific feeling.  When an audience interacts with the material, the visual needs to correlate with the literal meaning.

With that being said, have you ever considered what goes on in designing a font? The following clip is a preview for the movie Helvetica investigates the importance of fonts along with how fonts are crafted is explained. It is an independent film that examines the importance of typography, graphic design, and visual rhetoric.  Although it focuses on the proliferation of one typeface Helvetica, it begins an interesting conversation on how type affects design and professional writing.

Questions to consider while viewing the clip:

What are some typefaces that elicit a specific response from the audience?

How can a typeface change a document?

What is the subliminal message of fonts?

Helvetica Trailer

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