To Teach for America, Law School and Beyond: PWR Seniors’ Post Graduation Plans

We always talk about the universality of skills developed through studying professional writing and rhetoric. The future plans of these ten seniors highlight how widespread the field of study’s application really can be.


Anna Becker is moving West and hopes to find work at a public relations firm in their nonprofit sector.

Jack Dodson is heading up north to New York City where he hopes to work with documentaries or journalism or some other form of writing.

James Shaver is continuing his involvement with his fraternity, Delta Upsilon, and will be working at their headquarters dealing with branding and marketing.

Katie Kenney is moving to South Korea in November where she will be teaching English.

Kasey Thompson is continuing her work at the Conservator’s Center, possibly in a marketing position.

Kevin Thompson is managing restaurants, beginning this summer at a restaurant in Nantucket.

Kristin Pinder has applied to graduate programs in professional communication.

Mary Kate is participating in Teach for America and will be teaching in the Mississippi Delta Region during her two-year commitment.

Michael McFarland is attending law school in the fall at either UNC or Campbell.

Victoria Doose hopes to find a secure position doing either editorial or publishing work, her preference being academic publishing.


Congratulations and good luck to all of the graduating PWR seniors!


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