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Title Sequences

This blog assignment made me think of a scene in one of my favorite movies, “The Holiday.” In it, Cameron Diaz creates title sequences for a living. She tells her designer to make the red font in the opening credits … Continue reading

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Broadcast Designers – Troika

Not only do I want to go work for Troika now, but I was incredibly impressed at the work they produce. I’m not a huge TV watcher but even so, this kind of work was something I had never really … Continue reading

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79 Short Essays on Design

The first essay I read was Bierut’s “How to Become Famous.” DEFINITELY agree with him on his points. “Never describe the slides people are looking at” and “Never read your speech.” I hate it when people give a presentation and … Continue reading

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79 Different Fonts?

Michael Bierut is intentional (and ironic in some cases) in his choice of fonts for each essay. While I won’t pretend to have figured out the typographic connection for each one, I’m certain of two: Helvetica in “Mr. Vignelli’s Map,” … Continue reading

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30 Conversations

The first designer I watched was K. Kirk and N. Strandberg in “Best Friends.” I liked how they presented their answers – on an iPhone since an iPhone is their design inspiration. It was interesting though, I thought, that a … Continue reading

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iPhone interface design

When I watched this, it was funny because besides seeing the SMS icon (instead of the bubble icon) of the text message button, I didn’t originally notice a difference in the old interface and the new(!). I guess it’s because … Continue reading

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Artist Series

I really enjoyed this weeks blog post assignment. I found every video and artist interesting. What I learned most from watching these videos and seeing the works of these designers was that they all had a different process of creating … Continue reading

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Artist Series

These interviews were incredibly interesting. As someone who’s always written more than I’ve painted, I’ve struggled sometimes understanding design, art and the motives behind it all. What we’ve learned so far, plus what I saw in these interviews is really … Continue reading

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The Type of Choice

I found this documentary very interesting as it relates to the world of typography. The video put into context the importance of type and gave a intriguing study of the fundamental aspects of fonts and how they bring forth emotion … Continue reading

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First off, I have to start by saying I was baffled that a documentary was ever made about a font…not even fonts in general, or typography in general, but one specific font. I was skeptical going into it, but I … Continue reading

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