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While design has always been one of my passions, I started to get a little bit jaded while working in the industry. Being the only creative in my office, many of my projects were done on the fly with quick … Continue reading

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I entered this class knowing that I was not a designer or destined to be one. I’m leaving the course with the same understanding. However, this course was one of the most enjoyable for me – at least for the … Continue reading

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This visual aesthetics course included a bit of everything:  reading, writing, technical use and application, design principle theory… It could be easily misinterpreted that this was a “design” class, but I like to think of it as making any work we … Continue reading

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I came into this class with a pretty strong understanding on the importance of visual aesthetics. As an undergrad, everything was analyzed from the color or emotions to social and economic differences between using a serif or San-serif font. That … Continue reading

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At first beMused but now aMused

Following bootcamp, while I knew I wanted to stick with the program, I was worried as to how much y I could realistically learn and retain in 10 months. I’ve come a long way the past couple of months, and … Continue reading

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In the beginning of the semester I was not sure what this class would entail, and now that it has come to an end I have realized that I learned so much more than I ever thought I would. I … Continue reading

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Final Post

After this class I have furthered my visual aesthetic and created some good portfolio pieces. I think this class is important, no matter what field of production you go into because it forces you to make the things you do … Continue reading

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Final Blog Post

Throughout the semester I have learned a lot about visual aesthetics and communication design.  Most importantly I have learned how to take an idea and then find a way to communicate it visually that is not only aesthetically pleasing but … Continue reading

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In the end, I really enjoyed this class.  I had no background in graphic design and I feel that I improved what little graphic design ability I had before this program.  I think my favorite project is a toss up … Continue reading

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Musings (Richardson)

I didn’t need to go to grad school to understand that visual aesthetics were important — that people like at design that looks clean and creative. But prior to semester, and this course, that was all I knew. This course … Continue reading

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