Title Sequences

The art of title sequences is an area of design that is easily overlooked. An average viewer would never take into account the deliberate placement or positioning of each name or title. I find it really interesting how the backgrounds range from relatively simple and vague, like those in Great Expectations, to over the top complex scenes and transitions, such as the title sequence in Skyfall. I don’t necessarily think one is more effective than the other, but rather that they are appropriate for different types of films. I do find myself gravitating more towards the simple sequences like Great Expectations. So much emphasis is put on the tiny details such as where the text is placed and how it enters and leaves the screen. I love opportunities for a designer to evoke strong emotions in such an incredibly subtle manner. I watched so many of these videos, but one other sequence worth noting is in Sherlock Holmes. The combination of movie scenes and illustrations is fascinating. It adds so much personality to the film and really ties it all together.

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