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Title Sequences

The art of title sequences is an area of design that is easily overlooked. An average viewer would never take into account the deliberate placement or positioning of each name or title. I find it really interesting how the backgrounds … Continue reading

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Pica Towers

I have to commend the designers for the suspense they created in such a short period of time. Something about the music and the distressed affect on the animations really creeped me out and I feel like if I were … Continue reading

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79 Essays – Mr. Vignelli’s Map

Not exactly sure how I feel about this topic … In my mind it brings up the conflict of you can’t have either/or – beauty & functionality – and have great design. Vignelli’s map apparently placed a heavy emphasis on … Continue reading

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Short Films

The two videos I chose to watch were Embrace and Table. Embrace- I like the circle camera motion at the begin. It centers everything in on the couple and the moment they are having. It also slowly reveals the woman’s … Continue reading

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Harry Marks

Harry Marks is brilliant and inspiring. I absolutely love watching these videos and finding connections in what I have already experienced in terms of challenges during my career and how one should approach design and creation with an open mind. … Continue reading

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First, I have to comment I found this video very difficult to watch due to the narration. The big take away for me regarded the navigation and consistency of design. The simple swipe functions and scroll are navigation functions users … Continue reading

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The Good News- Clever use of camera work. I loved the rotation at the beginning. I also love the black/white/gray scale everything has. It is difficult to balance that with emotion but feel like it works well. The final zoom … Continue reading

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Thirty Conversations on Design

Something I love about all of these videos is how broad of an interpretation the artists give to design. It’s easy to adopt a bit of tunnel vision when immersed in the graphic design world and it’s so important to … Continue reading

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Short Films

I watched Soldiers first and Wow. One of the most powerful two minutes of film that I have watched. At first the camera angles and use of color with the soldier lends itself to him being at the cemetery with … Continue reading

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Title Sequences

The two that I looked at first were The Pillars of the Earth and The Dark Knight Rises title sequences. The first thing that stood out to me about how the type was presented was the brokenness of the typeface, … Continue reading

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