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79 Different Fonts?

Michael Bierut is intentional (and ironic in some cases) in his choice of fonts for each essay. While I won’t pretend to have figured out the typographic connection for each one, I’m certain of two: Helvetica in “Mr. Vignelli’s Map,” … Continue reading

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Stitch Bitch

Well, I just lost my hypertext virginity and it was painful. However, to my surprise I can say I enjoyed the experience. Shelley Jackson’s unconventional way of delivering a body of work explaining and demonstrating hypertext gave me a “roller … Continue reading

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Orifices, no thrusting, and a banished body– a bitch of a hyperstitch

I am Jack’s utter exhaustion. There’s not-so-subtle hanky-panky in that nested, hypertext within hypertext, dream within a dream within a dream-of-a-chapter. I hear you, Shelley Jackson. Mention the unmentionables. Speak the unspeakable. Hell, wear that tutu-catcher’s mask ensemble to a … Continue reading

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Stitch Bitch

I find it funny that Shelly Jackson even talks about “the project of writing.” Because I don’t think she quite gets it. Moreover, I thought her comment about hypertext being schizophrenic was ironic, considering that’s what I thought of her … Continue reading

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