Why is art important? Well, let me explain it to you.  Art expresses creativity, individuality, personality, experiences…the list goes on.  It’s a form of communicating that everyone can understand, cutting through language and cultural barriers. Admittedly, some art sucks and is hard to interpret, but it’s still a way the artist is communicating, whether it is understood or not.  It’s self-expression.  It adds beauty and emotion.  Everything we see and use around us can be thought of as art.  My new haircut, my dad’s cooking, your shoe…these are all art in some form.

Anyway, let’s switch gears now to talk about the art that sucks.  Black strokes on a canvas should not be considered art.  Stabbing a canvas and any other form of violence on a canvas should not be considered art.  A wolf fornicating little red ride hooding…is art, but that just sucks.

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