Harry Marks

Harry Marks is brilliant and inspiring. I absolutely love watching these videos and finding connections in what I have already experienced in terms of challenges during my career and how one should approach design and creation with an open mind.

His transition from book designing and type design into broadcasting design is fascinating. The feeling he describes and the picture he paints of taking on something new that he had no experience with or idea of how to go about something sounds like a complete reflection of myself in how the iMedia program, and design specifically, has welcomed me or in other cases rejected me.

I have felt lost on so many occasions in how to produce something – how to translate what was in my head onto the computer screen or a piece of paper. That, along with simply learning the tools, has been challenging. It has taken me outside of my box and comfort zone. Marks did that and flourished. It’s so inspirational how he was not afraid to dream up ideas – things some might think to be crazy. His willingness to embrace new technologies and push forward is admirable. For so many, including myself, the tendency to want to stick with what you know is a great obstacle and he never let it become even a blip on his radar.

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