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I came into this class with a pretty strong understanding on the importance of visual aesthetics. As an undergrad, everything was analyzed from the color or emotions to social and economic differences between using a serif or San-serif font. That … Continue reading

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Broadcast Designers

I watched the video on Troika Design Group, which was quite interesting. Except the Kristen Olsen smiles the entire time she talks…that was a bit unnerving. Troika seems like a really interesting place to work and I’m surprised by how … Continue reading

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79 short essays

I read a few of these, but the one I related to the most was the essay about plagiarism.  I think it’s true, most of are do plagiarize.  Sometimes it’s without noticing and meaning to.  I felt bad for the … Continue reading

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Final blog

Before this class I used to just look at things and decide if I thought something was appealing to me or not – didn’t think much about the layout, the font, and the little details. I now notice that I … Continue reading

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The Macgyver in us all

When I was a little girl my dad was constantly mad at me because I was always using his stuff for my “art” projects. Hide ya VHS tape ribbon, Hide ya dress shirt buttons, Sasha’s takin all the items up … Continue reading

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Check it out: it’s our blog!

We’ll use this blog this semester primarily as a location for you to post your thoughts, reflections and ideas about various topics that I will assign. You have the ability–and will actually be required– to comment on one another’s posts.

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