Short Films

The two videos I chose to watch were Embrace and Table.

Embrace- I like the circle camera motion at the begin. It centers everything in on the couple and the moment they are having. It also slowly reveals the woman’s facial expression. The man’s face is often hidden by the woman. It is hard to get a clear look at him. I love the desperation between them both. The final shot is very haunting. I found some of the audio confusing and difficult to understand what they were saying. That could be due to noise factors where I’m watching or an artistic choice.

Table- The first thing that strikes me is the warm light. It goes nicely with the clear tension between the characters. Good writing to build the mystery on why the male character is running away. That being said, I’m not sure I care. I don’t find either character particularly likable. I’m not sure I understood what happened in this piece. Stylistically, it was okay. I think I preferred “Embrace” though.

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