Pica Towers

I have to commend the designers for the suspense they created in such a short period of time. Something about the music and the distressed affect on the animations really creeped me out and I feel like if I were to watch these videos several times there would be so much to interpret.  Instead, I’m going to reflect on the first time I viewed them since I hate suspense. The use of sound effects was minimal but extremely effective, setting you up for the stark contrast when certain important sounds, like the gunshot, are used. While watching the videos the viewer is bound to crave a backstory and a deeper understanding. It’s remarkable that the designers were able to evoke such a wide range of emotions in such a short amount of time and with such little details. Finally, the combination of the basic cartoonish characters and the dark, twisted storyline really adds to the intrigue. At first glance you would expect a more upbeat plot, but instead are drawn in and, in my case, extremely disturbed by animated murders.

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