Words From The Wise: Parting Thoughts From Soon-to-be Graduates

With Commencement just a few weeks away, the Cupid Blog wanted to take a minute and talk to a few of the soon-to-be graduating seniors about what they have learned and hear any PWR words of wisdom they might have to share.                                         … Continue Reading

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On Finals: Five Things You’re Probably Realizing Your Parents and Teachers Were Right About

Mags Bryant ’16| Creative Writing & Professional Writing and Rhetoric With finals starting next week, you can practically smell the anxiety upon entering Belk. Right about now you might be realizing that your parents and teachers might have been right all along when they were telling you how to get through your final exams.   1. Finished is More Important … Continue Reading

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Logo/Personal Branding Design

Jessica Trinidad ’16 In the ever-changing technological era in which portfolios and resumes have extended their presence into the digital world, personal branding has become an even larger part of the job application process than ever before. Since there are now so many different mediums in which an individual can extend their professional presence, it is necessary to consider developing … Continue Reading

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How to Structure an Academic Essay

Carolyn Braganca ’15 If you leave Elon University with nothing else, you should leave knowing how to structure an essay. This seems pretty obvious—how many of us, after all, have had a class in which we did not write a research paper or some kind of essay? The common idea is that if you write a lot, you get better … Continue Reading

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Saving Time with Social Media

Rachel Weeks, ‘16 Social media is a powerful tool for interacting with others, building your personal brand, and expanding your professional network. But between classes, homework, and on-campus activities, it can be hard to even think about putting in the time for using social media professionally. Despite that, on average, American adults spend more than three hours a day on … Continue Reading

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Research Highlight: Carolyn Braganca

One of the most important rhetorical decisions every scholar makes when conducting research is the methodology. Within the literature field, every scholar must choose which critical lens he/she believes will reveal the most about a text. Every text can be analyzed with a multitude of critical lens; to strengthen and streamline your argument, you should typically choose one, two at … Continue Reading

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Research Highlight: Hannah Silvers

Hannah Silvers—PWR ’17 In the beginning stages of the brainstorming process for my undergraduate research project, all I knew was that I wanted to investigate something about how writing operates in organizations. I had no idea where to go from there. I played with a few ideas, but when I realized that none of them were sticking, I turned to … Continue Reading

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What’s the Font About?

Mags Bryant ’16, Professional Writing and Rhetoric & Creative Writing Typically, I’m a stickler for Times New Roman, font size 12, single spacing (or double, if necessary). Yes, I’m THAT person. Personally, I feel that in the realm of creative writing, there is no other way to hand off your work. Times New Roman looks professional, clean, and familiar. There’s no room … Continue Reading

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Grammar Tips: Passive Voice & Collective Nouns

We’re back with our second edition of Grammar Tips; brought to you by the ENG205 Grammar students, Professor Paula Patch, and the Cupid Studio. Last week our Grammar Tips highlighted who vs. whom and comma splices. This week our tips will focus on passive voice and collective nouns. If you’re ever unsure whether your voice is passive or you can’t … Continue Reading

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Guest Post: Jamie Rice On Gender, Grammar, and Rhetoric

  Jamie Rice ’16, English Literature. English is a magnificent language because it appears to lack gendered nouns. Unlike French or Spanish, English speakers never have an awkward moment where they have to stop themselves and think, “Wait, is lamp female or male?” In that sense, English is gender neutral. But that does not mean that the issue of sexism … Continue Reading

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