Website Building with Wix

Rachel Weeks ‘16 is a free, intuitive website builder with numerous options for creating and customizing a website for both personal and professional uses. A diverse website builder, is host to websites representing people and businesses from photographers, to bloggers, to professional chefs. Particularly relevant to PWR students is Wix’s notable versatility in terms of representing your professional … Continue Reading

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Culture Shock in the Workplace

Kaitlyn Stahl – Class of 2015  This semester, I have been working as an editorial intern at Cultureshock Media in London. Cultureshock is a company that specializes in both print and online publishing, and their clients typically pertain to culture such as museums, music venues, or fashion companies. The first half of my semester in the United Kingdom was spent … Continue Reading

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The Rhetoric of Appearance

Carolyn Braganca— ENG ’15 When average people think of rhetoric, they tend to think of words—either written or spoken. Students of rhetoric, though, know it extends beyond just words. However, how often do people consider the rhetorical nature of their appearance? After all, psychologists love to point out that much of what you communicate to others is communicated through non-verbal … Continue Reading

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7 Tips for Get You Through Your Internship Interview

Mags Bryant ’16. “So, where have you, are you, or are you hoping to intern?” It’s like the college version of “So, where are you applying to go for college?” It’s no question that internships can enhance not only your college experience, but also impact your future as well. It’s almost Spring, which means internship fever is in the air. … Continue Reading

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How to Make a Weebly

Abbey Foucart, English PWR Major ’17 With all the website makers to choose from, Weebly stands out as a great choice for any purpose or audience. Among its options are both professional and recreational appearances, and straightforward instructions make it fairly easy to use. To sign up for a website, go to the homepage,, and enter a username, email, … Continue Reading

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Working with WordPress

Ciara Corcoran ’17 WordPress is a media content platform, often used for blogging. PWR students can use this platform to create their portfolios and enhance their brand identity. Once mastered, WordPress is an accessible platform and knowledge of the site can also be a draw for potential employers. Create an Account Select a site address that promotes your professional identity. … Continue Reading

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3 Things PWR Can Do For You

Mags Bryant ‘16 I wasn’t always planning on majoring in Professional Writing and Rhetoric, but since declaring, there hasn’t been a moment in which I regret my decision. With registration for the fall semester not far off, I though I would share some of the skills I’ve gained from my coursework. Here are my top how-tos that you can learn … Continue Reading

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Guest Post: Rachel Lewis’ On Gender & Rhetoric

Rachel Lewis ’16 Gender & Rhetoric When many of us think of rhetoric, we think of Aristotle. We think of Plato. And we think of loads of other white males. Very rarely do we think about the women of rhetoric – and can you blame us? It’s hard enough to get an understanding of what rhetoric is, let alone the … Continue Reading

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What does “feminism” mean?

Carolyn Braganca—ENG Lit ’15 Feminism. Emma Watson, Benazir Bhutto, Jennifer Siebel Newsom,  Susan B. Anthony, Nicki Minaj, Betty Friedan, Yoko Ono, Maya  Angelou, Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie, Malala Yousafzi—what  do all of these women have in common? They all support  feminism . . . but do they support the same feminism? To start with, what is feminism? Seems like a … Continue Reading

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Literature vs. PWR?

Carolyn Braganca — ENG Lit ’15 At Elon, professional writing and rhetoric (PWR) and literature are two separate concentrations within the English major. When you look at the required courses for each concentration, the two appear completely different. After all, what could visual rhetoric and poetry possibly have in common? As it turns out, they’re not as different as you … Continue Reading

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