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The Final Goodbye

Ryan Greene ’15 – Media Arts and Entertainment, Broadcast & New Media, PWS Minor The Final Goodbye Goodbyes are always hard. But goodbyes are also always important. From my internship experiences, I have learned that the last day of work comes a lot faster than expected. There is SO MUCH an intern has to do before he or she leaves the … Continue Reading

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Personal Branding Week: Branding for Introverts

Sarah Paterson – ENG-PWR ’15 Hey everyone! Welcome to Personal Branding week on the CUPID blog. This morning I want to share with you a great article I read about branding by Dorie Clark at the Harvard Business Review, since it touches on something I think many of us feel when we go about advertising ourselves. Clark’s article, Personal Branding … Continue Reading

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The Writing Center, from an Insider Perspective

Miranda Allan- ENG, PWR ’15 To finalize discussion about the Writing Center, guest blogger and consultant Miranda Allan gives a look at exciting happenings and services! Hello all! If you haven’t seen for yourself already, the Writing Center has some exciting new tricks up its sleeves this semester. The redesigned space offers a collaborative, multimedia-friendly environment that you’re sure to find … Continue Reading

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Tech Tip: Photoshop

Rachel Fishman – ENG-PWR ’15 Adobe Photoshop’s abundance of possibility may seem overwhelming to some—it certainly did to me at first! However, there are some basic features that can take you a long way. And as you start to understand how Photoshop is organized, features that once seemed over-complicated will become more intuitive. In this blog post, I am going … Continue Reading

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What’s Going On In The Writing Center: Part Two

Alexa Dysch- ENG, PWR ’15 Hi everyone! Welcome back to our coverage on the Writing Center. As mentioned on Monday, there is lots going on! Aside from their events, the Writing Center is an important place to visit on a daily basis. Try to remember some of the following tips when planning a visit! Possible Types of Writing Writing Center Consultants … Continue Reading

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What’s Going On In The Writing Center! Part One

Alexa Dysch- ENG, PWR ’15 Hey everyone! As we discussed last week, now is the time to sign up for ENG 319: Writing Center Workshop! If you do well in this course, you can become a Writing Center Consultant. If not, read on to see how else you can get involved! Considering that there is a month of classes left … Continue Reading

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Tips from a PWR Major on Senior Portfolio

Because registration is this week, please keep in mind how your specific classes can influence your portfolio, including the projects you include, and the PWR skills that you reflect. Because senior portfolios are due this week, I thought this would be a great way to rap up the week. These tips are brought to you by Dannie Cooper. Senior portfolios are … Continue Reading

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Tech Tips: Getting Started with Prezi

Katherine Makepeace PWR & Lit ‘15 Ideas are not always linear. So wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy-to-use program that would give you the flexibility to display your ideas more naturally than with a typical, chronological slide show? If you’re unfamiliar with Prezi, let this be your introduction. This walk-through will outline the basics of creating, organizing, … Continue Reading

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Preregistration: What Classes To Take

Beckah Porter ENG: PWR’16 Although registering for classes can be stressful, there are so many PWR classes to look forward to. There is a range of classes that are being offered in the spring that are requirements for all PWR students. In this post I will be going through each of these classes in detail to help students learn what … Continue Reading

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Preregistration: Why Classes & Clients Are Important

Beckah Porter: ENG- PWR,’16 Thanksgiving is so close I can practically taste the turkey, but one of the most important days at Elon is arriving as well: registration day. Previously stated in our post, alumni shared just how important picking classes are. In these classes, students have the opportunity to learn more of the necessary skills that should be developed in … Continue Reading

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