How to Cover 100 Years of History in 1 Cool Infographic

Infographics aren’t easy to design, especially if you’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Here is a great example of an infographic that covers the one-hundred year history of birth control in a way that is easy on the eyes and effectively delivers information that was created by Planned Parenthood.

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The Rhetoric of Hate

Hateful language and finger pointing are not new to the English language, or any language for that matter. And yet, the rhetoric of hate, is more prominent than it has been in the past in terms of our media. The plethora of republican presidential candidates that have been holding their own self-indulgent ego-fluffing contest on national television are a prime example … Continue Reading

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Donald Trump, Rhetorical Genius?

Unless you’ve been boycotting social media, television, and in-person conversation since the summer, it is likely you know that Donald Trump is a front-runner in the 2016 United States Presidential Election. His statements are radical, controversial, and often down-right offensive, but it is no secret that Trump and his advisers are masterful rhetoricians. Trump has zeroed in on an audience … Continue Reading

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Making Networking Work

On Monday, September 7th, a representative from Elon’s Career Services Department, Amber McCraw, held a Professional Development seminar in my Senior Capstone course. In her lecture, Amber uncovered many tips for internship/job seekers that turn the uncomfortable awkwardness of a first meeting into a fun and engaging conversation that will leave company representatives with stand-out memories. Amber talked us through … Continue Reading

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Meet the Associate: Abbey Foucart

Hi everyone! My name is Abbey Foucart ,and this is my first semester as a CUPID Associate. I am a junior Professional Writing & Rhetoric major with minors in Psychology and Environmental Studies. Last spring I took the CUPID studio course and loved how we were able to work on the practical application of PWR concepts through hands-on projects. It … Continue Reading

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Meet the Associate: Katie Stewart

My name it Katie Stewart and I am an English Professional Writing and Rhetoric major and a Human Service Studies and Creative Writing minor. I am graduating in January 2016, and I’m looking forward to spending my last semester at Elon as a CUPID Associate! Over the summer, I was an Editor Intern for The Borgen Project, a nonprofit that lobbies … Continue Reading

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Meet the Associate: Margaret Bryant

My name is Mags Bryant and I am a senior English major with a double concentration in Creative Writing and Professional Writing and Rhetoric. I spent the summer bouncing around the country and was lucky enough to spend a month in Boulder, Colorado at Naropa University’s Summer Writing Program. I had the opportunity to be a CUPID Associate last spring, … Continue Reading

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Meet The Associate: Nicole Petrosino

My name is Nicole Petrosino, and I am a first semester CUPID associate. Currently, I am a senior Strategic Communications major with a minor in Professional Writing Studies. Last summer I interned at Viacom Media Networks as a Publicity/Corporate Comm intern for VH1. Also, I am a Writing Center consultant – you can find me there on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and … Continue Reading

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Tips and Tricks for Portfolio Design

Will Guy ’16 As you may be aware, all English majors are required to submit a portfolio at the end of their senior year. When making your portfolio, there are many aspects you will want to consider. First, be sure to look at the guidelines before you begin designing your portfolio. This blog post will aim to address the four … Continue Reading

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Words From The Wise: Parting Thoughts From Soon-to-be Graduates

With Commencement just a few weeks away, the Cupid Blog wanted to take a minute and talk to a few of the soon-to-be graduating seniors about what they have learned and hear any PWR words of wisdom they might have to share.                                         … Continue Reading

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