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Understanding Professional Yet Multicultural Standards of Communication

Alexa Dysch- ENG, PWR ’15 As we discussed on Monday, there are a number of cross-cultural factors to consider within visual rhetoric. This same theory can apply to professional communication, written or oral. Within modern business practices, all the more consideration must be lent towards cultural differences within communication. Assumptions about specific cultures, without extensive research and practice, can lead … Continue Reading

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Writing Processes: Academic or Practical?

Lauren Phillips ‘16- ENG We all—or we all should—know how to write. And I don’t mean we’re all literate and capable of holding a pen. I mean that, at Elon University, we all know how to piece together a grammatically correct essay, transfer thoughts to paper, and organize an essay. Some may hate it and others may have a natural … Continue Reading

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Cultural Considerations Within Visual Rhetoric

Alexa Dysch- ENG , PWR ’15 It is interesting how within rhetorical analysis, more than ever, multiculturalism is an important factor to consider. Technology continues to bring the world closer and closer together, alongside a growth in social demand for recognition of individuality/uniqueness. Within the field of rhetoric, one can constantly recognize the need to understand and adapt to such … Continue Reading

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Alumni Spotlight: Chelsea Vollrath, On PWR Preparing Her for Law School

Guest Blogger Rachel Fishman, ENG-PWR ’15, interviewed Chelsea Vollrath, Class of 2013, about how her Chelsea’s PWR major prepared her for her time at Wake Forest University of Law. What types of courses are you taking & what type of law do you want to go into? Chelsea is currently taking a variety of law courses, including a writing class on business … Continue Reading

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Alumni Week: The Advice You’ve Wanted but Never Asked for

Beckah Porter: PWR,’16 We’ve all been there; we become a little hesitant when someone asks what our major is. What is professional writing and rhetoric? Or the question that makes me cringe, what kind of job can you even get with that degree? Yet, even after we describe all the possibilities that professional writing and rhetoric brings, the same people … Continue Reading

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Life After Elon: Alumni Week

Beckah Porter: ENG-PWR,’16 Homecoming week has officially arrived! Which means for some of us that our old friends we said goodbye to at graduation are now knocking on our doors, but for others, it makes us think: what are we going to do after we graduate? Are we even prepared? (Cue the freak out) This week I am going to … Continue Reading

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Make a Logo on Your Lunch Hour!

Alexa Dysch: ENG- PWR, ’15 Hi everyone! A couple of weeks ago, the CUPID Associates and I had a workshop about creating your own personal logo, which would be both professional and visually appealing! For those of you who couldn’t make it, we have a post today dedicated to creating or updating logos on your lunch hour! Whether you’re sitting … Continue Reading

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Hanging Indents: The Unsung Hero of Bibliographies, Proximity, and Alignment

Bridget Hurley ’15 Hanging indents may not be the most captivating subject to blog about. But understanding how, why and when to use hanging indents is an important part of being a successful writer, especially when creating bibliographies. Check out these three sample bibliographies. They are written in APA, MLA, and Turabian style: You can see that every reference style … Continue Reading

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Visual Rhetoric at the Movies

Sarah Paterson – ENG PWR ‘15 Welcome to Wednesday of visual rhetoric week! Today’s topic: movies. Unless you’re a cinema major or a photographer, cinematography isn’t likely something you think much about. You might watch a movie and think that it looks pretty, or that something about it looked interesting, but didn’t know enough to put a finger on it. … Continue Reading

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Let’s Talk About Type

Sarah Paterson ENG – PWR ‘15 Welcome to Visual Rhetoric week on the CUPID blog! I’m going to kick it off by talking about typography, one of my favorite subjects. For a casual document designer, font is typically something chosen by instinct. Certain typefaces seem to say certain things, and while one might suit your situation perfectly, another may be … Continue Reading

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