I have always been very interested in art as my grandmother and great-grandmother were painters and commissioned their pieces out of their homes.  The first career I remember dreaming of was being a painter.  However, that dream died when I discovered that I really had no talent and my grandma was just abetting my interest to win the grandma of the year award.  Ever since, I have always appreciated art and enjoy thinking about why some people are attracted to certain kinds of art and find others distasteful.  The idea that art and beauty are all based on personal opinion is very interesting to me.  Why is is that some people don’t like my personal taste? Why is it that we tend to judge others on what they think is beautiful if we disagree?

I hope this class will enlighten an interest I didn’t know I had.  Since I can’t be a physical artist, I am interested in finding a way that I can incorporate art into my interactive media career.  As I am still searching for my calling and what it is I wish to pursue after this program, I hope this class will inspire me and help guide me to my future career.

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