Use this page to post links to interesting articles and other web-based resources that you think are in some way relevant to the topics of this course. Heck, we might as well make it a list. Here, I’ll start…

1. 12 Useful Techniques for Good User Interface Design
A list of great interface design tips from Smashing Magazine. If you don’t know Smashing Magazine, you should!

2. A List Apart. This website covers the wide ranging world of web design and development. Created by Jeffrey Zeldman and his cohorts–major adherents to the concepts surrounding the design of web sites using Web Standards–it’s a great resource full of really great articles on stuff related to web design and development.

3. 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web. This is a neat little website that explains some of the basics of how the Internet and the Web work. The information is provided in fun and easy to read way.

4. Must Have Books About Web Design and WordPress. Some good books about web design and development, both from the stand point of web standards but also incorporating WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS).

5. Cheat Sheets! And more cheat sheets! Like I said during the three-week workshops in August, often when it comes to digital media, those who cheat, win. Here’s a little help in that regard.

6. CSS 3 Generator Cool site that will help you generate CSS 3 code.

7. Documentary Heaven Great site for finding and viewing documentaries like Helvetica.

8. Logo Pond is a great resource for logos, both good and bad. For an example of awesome there look at this one.

9. Gestalt logo and design sites from class today (9.9.11):
One: 55 logos from Smashing Magazine
Two: 50 logos from Designer Daily
Three: Good stuff on gestalt principles applied to design
Four: Gestalt applied to web design
Five: Another one on gestalt and web design
Six: Gestalt principles and graphic design
Seven: Close relationship of gestalt and design (new one; and yes, the writer’s us of English isn’t that great–she’s Italian!)

10. Dribbble looks to be a show and tell type website for creatives. Flickr in a different skin! Anybody already a Dribbbler?

11. Signals vs. Noise is a blog maintained by 37 Signals a web development company that is notable for many reasons: they are the creators of project management software, Basecamp (Meghan Gargan mentioned this program when she spoke to you guys as being very important in the project management world); they are responsible for the controversial and popular book, Rework; and they are the creators of Ruby on Rails, a web application programming framework.

12. Modern Art Movements to Inspire Logo Design An article about modern art movements inspiring logo design. May be very helpful to the class when drawing for inspiration to see how art history was cultivated into forms of new media today.

13. Focus on Typography: Space Excellent article on the use of space and typography. Several good examples of space applied to the layout of web pages as well.

14. Some good resources for web development (using standards, of course!):
30 HTML Best Practices — 30 CSS Best Practices — All About Floats

15. Elegant Examples of Embossed Type For all you type lovers–you know who you are!–these are some nice examples of using embossing to create very stylish (and web based) typography!

16. Basics of Typography Summary of information that appears in Ellen Lupton’s book, Thinking With Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors & Students.

17. The Web Font Combinator. A visualization tool for web typography. Pretty cool!


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